Simultaneous Atwood and Free Fall Machine PFA-FFA10


An Atwood machine often used to demonstrate Newton’s first and second laws and the free fall apparatus is used to determine the gravitational acceleration.

Equipment list:

  • The main frame made of Plexiglass, the lower part : a stand with 4 adjustment screws to level the apparatus and the upper part: a scaled rectangular with 1 mm resolution
  • Mechanical key to release the mass
  •  Two 100 gr stainless steel weights
  •  Aluminum 8cm diameter pulley with the weight of 13.5 g
  • Adjustable protector to prevent thread and mass falling
  • Thread
  • Horizontal leveling rods (up, down and middle)
  • Electrical magnet to hold the bullet
  • Two optical sensors
  • Bench digital chronometer with DC 6V power source to feed the electrical magnet
  • Weigh : 6.5 kg and dimensions : 165cm×40cm×40cm