Angled Launched Projectiles AHU-67m


A projectile which is launched with an initial velocity from an elevated position and follows a parabolic path to the ground can be investigated by this apparatus.

Technical features:

  • The main frame made of anodized aluminum
  • With a clamp base vise, opening aperture: 10cm
  • Scaled 0-90 degree protractor with Plummet
  • Spring with spring constant 50 N/m , 3 different states to achieve different velocities (low velocity 7m/s , medium velocity 10 m/s , high velocity 15 m/s)
  • Metallic shooting handle
  • With screws to change the angle
  • Diameter of shooting aperture: 4cm
  • Diameter of Compact plastic bullet : 3cm
  • Two U-shaped optical sensors made of bakelite with infra-red receiver and propagator ; 10 LUX
  • Approximate weight : 2.8kg , dimensions :10cm × 15cm × 50cm

Chronometer specifications:

  • Bench digital chronometer made of compact plastic with wire, on/off switch and safety fuse behind of the apparatus
  • Resolution: 0.01 s
  • Three input terminals and null key
  • weight : 800 g and dimensions : 15cm×20cm×22cm