Horizontally Launched Projectiles VFG-JY6


A projectile which is launched with an initial horizontal velocity from an elevated position and follows a parabolic path to the ground can be investigated by this apparatus.

Equipment list:

  • The main frame made of plexiglass , with two adjustment screws to level the apparatus
  • Two holders to release the ball
  • Specified locations to mount the holder in heights of 8cm , 11cm and 14cm
  • Two metallic balls with diameter and weighs of (20mm- 10gr) and (10mm- 5gr)
  • One metallic Plummet to level the apparatus
  • One meter in 3 m length
  • Carbon paper to indicate the ball striking point on the ground
  • Handheld digital chronometer , resolution: 0.01 s
  • Weight :1kg and dimensions : 55cm × 16cm × 10cm