Pooya Far Azma Co.


In 1994 Pooya Far Azma has been established for the purpose of designing and producing lab equipments and lab spaces.

Since then, Pooya Far Azma has been leading the lab equipments used all over Iran continuously. More than 20 years of continuous progress in research and development as well as marketing is what characterizes the history of Pooya Far Azma.

Designing and producing more than 210 physics lab equipments was the first successful step of the company plans . By now the company has expert design and production teams in biology, geology, agriculture, physics, chemistry, engineering and oil laboratory equipments as well as establishing modern research labs for MSc and PhD students. 

This company has different outcomes in the field of lab equipment productions. in 2013, The visible laser power meter has been produced for the first time in iran by the company’s professional team. It has been used in several scientific- educational centers. In 2015, this product has improved with the ability of connection to computer which is comparable to the American similar sample (coherent company) in this aspect. Besides, in the field of precise measuring instruments we can mention bench tesla meter, Newton meter, microvolt meter, frequency meter and lux meter which are designed and produced by engineers of Pooya Far Azma company. Production of oil industry lab equipments is one of the other fields of Pooya Far Azma activities which is done in cooperation with the other professional  companies.

In 2016  Pooya Far Azma company has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 management system certificate for all of the laboratory productions in different fields of physics such as mechanics, heat, wave and vibration, electricity, magnetism, geometrical and wave optics, modern physics, solid state physics and nuclear physics. Furthermore company’s director has been awarded the ISO 9004:2009 management system certificate for the company enduring success and quality management approach in 2016 by the number of 940100000764.

As a future plan, the company is going to improve the accuracy of measuring equipments, products’ quality and produce different types of lasers (solid state, gas, pulse and continuous) with different powers.

One year guaranty, replacement and repair equipment are of the Pooya Far Azma company’s moral obligation.

The company’s effortless management department and employees are always seeking for new ideas and points in designing new products.

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